The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

The Cheapest Places To Buy A House-Latest idea In The UK In 2022

The Cheapest Places To Buy A House Maintaining a stringent financial plan while at the same time harbouring aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder? After doing some research, we were able to identify the regions in the UK with the lowest average housing prices. Let’s have a look at the countdown that’s been going on. Get a Quote for Your Mortgage.

The locations with the lowest average home prices

The following is a list, organised by postcode, of the areas in the United Kingdom that have the lowest average prices for properties currently on the market.

  • Middlesbrough, TS1, £54,978
  • Bradford, BD1, £58,673
  • Sunderland, SR1, £65,478
  • Grimsby, DN31, £71,105
  • 73 637 pounds for Shildon, DL4
  • Middlesbrough, TS3, £80,958
  • Peterlee, SR8 £85,274
  • Stanley, DH9, £91,391
  • BB11 in Lancashire and the sum of £91,516
  • Liverpool, L20, £91,793
  • Keighley, BD21 and the price of £91,833
  • Birkenhead, CH41, £91,885
  • Kingston upon Hull, HU9, £92,755
  • Sunderland, SR5, £93,222
  • Ferryhill, DL17, £95,380
  • Blackpool, first fiscal year: £95,526
  • Hull, HU3, £97,043
  • Grimsby, DN32, £97,652
  • Liverpool, L5, £97,744
  • 100 603 pounds for Seaton Carew

RentRound gathered this information by consulting the data provided by Propertydata. The national average for the price of a home in England was £285,000 as of October 2021; hence, the housing costs in these locations are much lower than this figure.

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The top ten most reasonably priced locations to purchase a home The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

When compared to the south east of England, it is clear that travelling farther north yields more financial savings. Let’s break down the most affordable neighbourhoods, along with their respective postcodes.

£54,978 for the area of Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire When you stay in Middlesbrough, which is located on the south bank of the River Tees, you’ll never be more than 20 minutes away from the seaside, the countryside, or the centre of town. It is also an excellent location for purchasing a property without going into serious debt.

Middlesbrough’s TS1 postcode comes out on top when it comes to affordability, with an average dwelling price of £54,978. This postcode claims the top place. With an average price of £80,958 for a property, the TS3 postcode is another one that can be found on the list of the top 10 most inexpensive regions in the United Kingdom.

The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

There are homes available for purchase in the BD1 area that cost less than sixty thousand pounds. Because of its location amid the rolling foothills of the stunning Pennines, the city of Bradford is a favourite among first-time buyers, renters, and people who are working their way up the housing ladder.

You’re in luck if you’re a fan of older architecture, as the majority of the buildings in Bradford date back to the Victorian era. The Cheapest Places To Buy A House The Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A HouseThe Cheapest Places To Buy A House

Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, 65,478

The Cheapest Places To Buy A House Depending on which side of the River Wear you’re on, Sunderland offers both a breathtaking shoreline and a vibrant city centre for its inhabitants. The SR1 postcode is now ranked in third place on our list, and the average cost of a home in that area is around £65,478.

Sunderland has a lot to brag about since it meets a number of the most significant criteria for the greatest areas to purchase a property, which include green outdoor spaces. The Cheapest Places To Buy A House The Cheapest Places To Buy A House The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

£71,105 and located in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

The town of Grimsby appears not once, but twice, on our countdown of the cheapest towns in the United Kingdom. The average price of a home in the DN31 postcode is now £71,105. In the meanwhile, real estate in the area with the DN32 postcode may be purchased for around £97,652 per square foot.

This fishing port also has a rich history of trawlermen and fishermen, which is just waiting to be uncovered, giving it a lot of character and heritage.

£73,637 for the property in Shildon, County Durham

Near the United Kingdom, one of the postcodes with the best prices for real estate is DL4, which is located in Shildon. The town is also perfect for anyone who want to live somewhere calmer but yet have quick access to the metropolis, as it is located in between the two. It is definitely the best of both worlds, with a variety of welcoming locals to call its residents.

Peterlee, County Durham, £85,274

Looking to save enough for a down payment on a house? It will be a lot simpler in some areas of the UK than in others, and Peterlee is not an exception to this rule; in particular, the SR8 postcode. Because of the city’s unique architectural style, the residents of Peterlee sometimes refer to it as “Mexico City.”

91 391 pounds sterling: Stanley, County Durham

Another town in County Durham, Stanley has an average asking price that is lower than one hundred thousand pounds. This old coal mining town is located within easy driving distance of both Newcastle and Durham, making it a popular destination for individuals, families, and couples alike.

91 516 pounds sterling, Lancashire, England’s North West

Are you looking for a rural place with low living costs? Another affordable housing hotspot in the UK may be found in the BB11 postcode in Lancashire. Built on both a mediaeval and an industrial background, Lancashire is not only a stunning landscape but also a popular tourist destination and home to many friendly folks. Because of its proximity to Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool, it is also a convenient location for commuters.

Liverpool, Merseyside, £91,793

The fact that Liverpool’s L20 and L5 postcodes have made it onto this list demonstrates that the city is well-known for more than just its football team and the fact that it was the birthplace of the Beatles. It has a very high cultural density and provides something for everyone, regardless of whether they are there to work, to play, or to live.

You may still discover numerous properties that are far less than the average asking price in the UK, despite the fact that real estate in this area is in high demand.

Keighley, a town in West Yorkshire, with 91,833 residents.

Keighley’s BD21 postcode, where the average price of a property is just over 90,000 pounds, is an excellent location for first-time buyers as well as purchasers of various types of homes. This town in Yorkshire, which is located within the City of Bradford, is home to a steam train that has been painstakingly preserved and has views of quite attractive countryside.

Additional deserving mentions

Even though they did not place in the top ten, the property values in some of the postcodes that are included in this list are not to be sneezed at in any way. Birkenhead in Wirral, which is home to a park that has become famous and served as an inspiration for many other parks around the country, did not make the cut.

Seaton Carew comes in at number 20, but it is still far more affordable than other areas of the UK. There, you can find a house for little more than 100,000 pounds. It is clear that paying off a mortgage here will be much easier, particularly for buyers who are going it alone, when compared to the average house price of £516,285 in the nation’s capital.

The Cheapest Places To Buy A House
The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

Cheapest commuter cities. The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

The cost of real estate will be significantly higher the closer you are located to a large city, particularly the nation’s capital. Although there are certain areas in London that are more affordable to live in, overall, London is the most expensive place in the UK to buy a home. Nevertheless, it is possible to enjoy the advantages of both settings. When it comes to the cost of living, commuter towns outside of London such as Rugby, Luton, and Maidenhead are among the most desirable options.

What about people who rent?

Are you interested in renting in a neighbourhood before you purchase a home there? The cheapest location to rent in the United Kingdom may be found in the county of Lancashire, specifically under the DL4 postcode in the town of Shildon.

Are you thinking of moving to a new location?

It is one thing to be aware of the area’s typical property costs, but how can you be sure that you will enjoy living there? Acquire a deeper understanding of the topic! You should educate yourself about the demographics of the neighbourhood, the crime rate, and much more. You will have all of this information compiled for you in a property report. Find below your complete report on this. The Cheapest Places To Buy A House

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