1. b. 1-methylcyclohexene According to Saytzeff rule i.e highly substituted alkene is major product. Here dehydration reaction takes place, alkene is formed due to the removal of a water molecule.
  2. c C6H5CH (C6H5)Br C6H5CH (C6H5)+ carbocation formed is more stable
  3. b. charge transfer from ligand to metal The Mn atom in KMnO4 has +7 oxidation state with electron configuration [Ar]3d 04s0 Since no unpaired electrons are present, d−d transitions are not possible. The molecule should, therefore, be colourless. Its intense purple due to L→M (ligand to metal) charge transfer 2p(L) of O to 3d(M) of Mn.
  4. a. 15O The rate constant for the decay of O-15 is less than that for O-19 . Therefore , the rate of decay of O-15 will be slower and will have a longer half life .
  5. b. 115 Scm2/mol ΛOCH3COOK = ΛO CH3COOH +ΛOKCl – ΛOHCl = 390 +150-425 = 115 Scm2/mol 5* (For visually challenged learners) a. 124.66 ×10−4 Sm2mol−1 Molar conductance of NaCl = λ+Na + λ+Cl = 51.12×10−4 + 73.54×10−4 = 124.66 ×10−4 Sm2mol−1 6. a. increases 4 times Rate = [A]2 If [A] is doubled then Rate’ = [2A]2 = 4 [A]2 = 4 Rate
  6. d. B<C<A In primary amine intermolecular association due to H-bonding is maximum while in tertiary it is minimum.
  7. b. 8000 cm-1
    ∆t =(4/9 ) x 18000cm-1 =8000 cm-1
  8. d. A.=C6H5CH2Br , B = C6H5OH, C6H5CH2OC6H5 H+ C6H5CH2OC6H5
  9. c. CH3NH2 on reaction with nitrous acid releases NO2 gas Wrong statement . The evolution of nitrogen gas takes place.
  10. c. 2,4 DNP test Fehling’s, Tollen’s and Cannizzao reaction is shown by alcohols only.
  11. c.(i)ln A (ii) – Ea/R
    12* (For visually challenged learners) d. mol-2 L2 s-1 since the order of reaction is 3.
  12. c. 5 1Fe2+, 2 SO42- and 2 NH4+ ions
  13. A Etard reaction
  14. b Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A. A and R are two different statements about ethers The correct reason is that hydrogen bonding does not exist amongst ether molecules.
  15. b Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.
  16. b Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A. The magnetic moment is less as the 5f electrons of actinides are less effectively shielded which results in quenching of orbital contributions , they are strongly paramagnetic due to presence of unpaired electrons
  17. a Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.



  1. Half life t1/2 = 0.693 /k k= 0.693/69.3 = 1/100 = 0.01 min-1 (1/2) For first order reaction

𝑘 =
2.303 𝑡
[𝑅𝑜] 𝑅

𝑡 =
2.303 0.01
100 20

𝑡 = 230.3log5 (log 5 =0.6990) t= 160.9 min (1/2)

  1. a. Acetylation of glucose with acetic anhydride gives glucose pentaacetate which confirms the presence of five –OH groups. Since it exists as a stable compound, five –OH groups should be attached to different carbon atoms CHEMISTRY THEORY SAMPLE PAPER CHEMISTRY THEORY SAMPLE PAPER CHEMISTRY THEORY SAMPLE PAPER

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